WALKING TOUR MIVA: Educational and recreational workshops in the small streets of the Casbah in Mazara del Vallo

Among the small streets of the Casbah, the Association Casa della Comunità Speranza takes care every day of those relationships that have allowed the construction of a community, that pays attention to the needs of those who live there: the education of children, the attention to families and women.

In those small street of Casbah, on July 15th, in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani and PRISM Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo, orientation paths, educational and recreational workshops involving women and children of the migrant communities present in the area have been realized. The event took place within the project “MIVA – Migrants’ Integration through Volunteering Activities” and co-financed with the support of the “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund – FAMI”.

The next appointment is Wednesday, July 22nd for a further opportunity of comparison on the theme “Education and Citizenship”.

We thank Casa della Comunità Speranza for the hospitality and the wonderful day!

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