Operational strategy

PRISM Association delivers its services to public bodies and private entities interested in embracing the opportunities provided by Europe towards the development of the territory and its community. With this aim, PRISM operates in the framework of international cooperation, as a solution able to induce a sustainable and intersectoral growth, with particular attention for less advantaged areas and social groups.
In this regard, PRISM Association represents a hub of co-planning and elaboration of ideas aimed at valorising and sharing the social, cultural and economic resources of the territory.

In particular:

– Monitoring funding opportunities and promoting projects on the territory, through the involvement and the active participation of local communities;

– Encouraging the development of local and transnational networks as a necessary tools for the development of integrated strategies in the territory;

– Advising and supporting the actors involved in the drafting and in the presentation of project proposals, adopting the principles of the Project Cycle Management;

– Providing technical assistance to the partnership towards the coordination of the activities during the implementation of the project, in case of its approval for funding;

– Promoting the exchange of good practices towards a sustainable and shared development model.