Employ Me Project Meeting in Cyprus

Partners from Association PRISM (Italy), Center for Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus), Magenta Consultoria (Spain), Verein Multikulturell (Austria) and EUFRAK (Germany) have met together in Nicosia, Cyprus to go through the online platform and its modules in order to develop digital skills for unemployed migrant women and aim to support them to create better job opportunities.

E-mploy-Me! is an innovative project funded under the Eramus+ KA2 programme, whose main objective is to promote the socio-labour integration of unemployed immigrant women through empowerment and digital skills. Its fundamental target group are socio-labour counselors and immigrant women, as E-mploy-Me! provides them with the necessary resources specifically designed to promote access to employment for the target group. It was an opportunity to test each section of the platform during 5 days of training (18 to 22 November) in order to improve the aspects concerning usability by end users. Through 2 days of partner meetings held on November 22nd and 23rd, important administrative management agreements were reached for the project.

The online resource platform aims to develop the digital and socio-occupational skills of unemployed immigrant women and for socio-occupational integration professionals. The platform will allow unemployed immigrant women to develop their digital skills so that they can use new technologies and increase their opportunities in the social and professional field, and thus, facilitate their access to employment. The platform will be free access to its users, and it will be available in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Greek.

Moreover, the meeting also focused on reviewing and evaluating the results of previous actions, pilot implementations in each countries and dissemination of the online platform.

For more info on the project as well as the online course, please visit the project website: http://e-mploy-me.eu/

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