BOCOTO: Capacity-building Training Course for boosting Community-based Tourism

The Capacity-building Training Course of the project Boosting Community-based Tourism and Youth Work for Global Sustainable Development, hosted by PRISM and implemented in Caltanissetta (Sicily)between 1-11 May 2019, has been a powerful and fruitful learning experience for the participants arriving from 3 continents, namely from Kenya, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Spain, Turkey and Italy.

Besides the nonformal educational course realized at the Street Factory eCLettica the group has been visiting and meeting several important actors within Sicily relevant to the field of community-based tourism, such as: Forum Antirazzista Palermo, Social Cooperative Rosario Livatino, Farm Cultural Park (Favara), Fondazione di Comunità di Agrigento e Trapani, Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Global Geopark and the AgriCasaVacanza Cafeci (Enna).

The training course has been offering a specially designed learning path for the group, combining the fields of community-based tourism, community development and youth work, sustainability and project cycle management (PCM), and it has been greatly enriched by the intercultural aspect and diverse background and competence of the participants.

In the following steps, the BOCOTO-project is going to realize 6 study visits which will aim at developing CBT-packages, which will take place in the communities where the partner organisations are working in. CBT-packages will offer volunteering experience to travellers who wish to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the place they are visiting.

Choosing an alternative and more sustainable way to discover the world we live in, is a responsible decision. Please follow the project at or and share it in your network, so that more of us can contribute to the global sustainable development of our planet.

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