WAMDIA partners’ meeting in Dublin

The WAMDIA project is progressing with the implementation of activities aimed at achieving the pre-established objectives. The last appointment saw the project partners gathered in Dublin to evaluate the progress achieved so far.

WAMDIA is a Strategic Partnerships in the field of Vocational and Educational Training within the frame of Erasmus+ KA-2. The overall objective of the project is to enhance the concept of Digital Accessibility in order to change the mind-set of traditional ICT users so everybody can contribute to common files accessibility.

The meeting has started with a report offered by the coordinator UAH on status of project progress. After a review of IO2 results, has been presented the progress on “Curriculum development and courses” and “Awareness campaign development and dissemination”.

These meeting opportunities are very functional to improve communication between partners, clarifying some aspects that can be better dealt in face-to-face meetings.

Moreover e general review of technical aspects as project management, quality evaluation, budget, reporting and documentation has been offered to monitor all management issues.

One of the main actions to be still implemented is the Pilot course on digital accessibility directed to Public employees and managers, VET and Higher Education teachers and managers, Employees and managers of SMEs. An important requirement of these target groups is to be inexperienced in ICT.

The results of the Pilot course implementation will be available in September, after e comprehensive effort of the partnership and stakeholders involved.

The next appointment on the agenda will be held at the University of Alcalà in Spain, at the headquarters of the project coordinator, for a training course aimed at improving skills on the accessibility of those who will have to work on the pilot phase.

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