Urban gardening, Partners’ meeting in Toulouse

The last partners’ meeting of the Urban Gardening project has been held in Toulouse the 15/07/2019. Hosted in the EPLEFPA TOULOUSE-AUZEVILLE premises, the partnership has presented the results obtained until now by the partnership in the countries involved (Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, France, Turkey and Bulgaria). All the project outputs have been finalized and soon will be gathered in the Toolkit – Urban gardens as spaces of adult’s education. The aim of the project is to elaborate an innovative educational method to teach soft skills by the work in the garden, e.g. interpersonal communication, team work, management, planning.

The Toolkit will be translated in all the partner languages and will be available for free on the Urban Gardening website. Within the Toolkit will be available all the project results such as:

– The Training method and programme developed.
– A Guide for NGOs, social activists and professionals.
– A Positional Analysis for Sustainable Development.
– The Good practices, results of the desk and good practices research.
– Guide for trainers.
– Other resources (bibliography, references, research, analysis, publications, etc).

During the meeting has been possible to visit one urban garden in Toulouse called “Jardin des Castors”, where people are committed in using this space to create stronger connections among the inhabitants of that neighbourhood, thus a deeper social inclusion.

In the coming weeks multiplier events will be carried out in all partner country to present the project results to a wider audience.

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