Urban Gardening – 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee

Urban Gardening – 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee

The 3rd Steering Committee of the Urban Gardening project has been organized by PRISM in the Statutory Seat in Enna. Enna, the highest province in Italy, has been a perfect location to gather all the Committee members, and discover a very unique part of Sicily.
The partners had the possibility to present the activities implemented from the beginning of the project, specifying their tasks and responsibilities.

URBAN GARDENING – The Urban Gardening Role in Improving of Adults’ Skills and Community Growth” is a Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership – Development of Innovation in the field of Adult Education – co-funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The objective of the III Steering Committee meeting was to going deeper in the development of the session presented in the training course in Poland in view of the preparation of the Guide for Trainers.

The Guide for Trainers will be a part of the final Output identified by the project in the creation of the Toolkit with innovative education methods to teach soft skills by the work in the garden. Moreover, the meeting has been useful to offer further inputs regarding the entire project management and implementation.

At the end of the working day, the partners showed satisfaction with having achieved the set objectives and being able to proceed with greater awareness for the remaining phases of the project. The next meeting will take place in December in Greece, in Kozaniu hosted by the Greek partner “Hellas for Us”, to monitor the implementation of the trainings in the various countries involved.

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