Training of instructors for the Wamdia project pilot phase

Training of instructors for the Wamdia project pilot phase

From the 3rd to 5th April the WAMDIA consortium has been hosted in the University of Alcalà for a Training Course based on Digital Accessibility. Among the participants were present an excellent group of trainers ready to implement the WAMDIA pilot phase, in each of the countries of the partnership. The pilot phase consists of a training about an online platform that will be used to improve the target groups’ ability to make accessible digital contents on-line and presentation tools (Word, Power Point etc.). The direct beneficiaries of this work will be people with disabilities that prevent the normal use of such contents.

The instructors have obtained a certificate issued by the University of Alcalà which enables them to transfer the skills they have acquired to a diverse group of users. In the coming weeks, the possibility to be enrolled to the pilot phase will be promoted through PRISM communication channels in order to share the above-mentioned skills in the field of digital accessibility.

In this way will be pursue the overall objective of the project; to enhance the concept of Digital Accessibility in order to change the mind-set of traditional ICT users so everybody can contribute to common files accessibility.

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