The booklet “Young side of the Moon”: youth work and community development around the World

Prism is pleased to introduce  the booklet “Young side of the Moon”, summarizing the conclusions of an intense cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of youth and community development, involving 48 youth workers and 8 organizations from Italy, Senegal, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus.

The booklet is intended as a learning resource to support community development in the frame of youth work, specifically targeting youth workers that are engaged in community work with disadvantaged young people. Overall it aims to provide inspiration and guidelines to provide youth workers with knowledge, key competences and practical tools needed for the development and delivery of community-based projects that responds to identified young people community’s needs.

The booklet gives also an inside look of a common learning pathway on youth work and community development as experienced in different regions of the World: Senegal, India, Vietnam, Kenya.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes”.

Marcel Proust

To download the booklet:

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