Grapes of Wrath – Study visit in Italy

Study visit In Italy

From 8 to 30 September 2018, the PRISM association hosted In Palermo another important stage of the GRAPES of WRATH project. The project aims at enabling contact between migrants and hosting communities within the EU and to foster informed decisions of potential migrants in African countries regarding the trip and life in Europe.

In specific, it will:

1. Raise awareness of communities in partner countries about migrants’ stories and perceptions;
2. Foster deeper understanding about the process, reasons and psychological impact of migration;
3. Tackle needs of origin communities, thus, contributing to containing irregular migration;
4. Encourage socioeconomic development at both origin and destination countries.

The Grapes of Wrath (GoW) is a 24 months (Feb 2017 – Jan 2019) Capacity Building project for youth workers aiming to explore and deconstruct patterns of psychological and social tension between in-groups and outgroups with reference to migrant communities in the EU.

To accomplish the objectives mentioned above, within the project activities, Study Visits are planned to bring the realities of the migrant community closer to those of the host countries. During the last year, several participants were hosted in the project partner countries: SEDARVP (Ghana), Resource Hub for Development (Kenya), Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen (Senegal), Inter Alia (Greece).

For the Study Visit carried out in Palermo, the 5 participants (2 Kenya, 2 Greece, 1 Ghana), have indeed given continuity to a process of capacity building that aspires to create an impact that will survive beyond the project’ life and will lead to the development of further initiatives.

Specifically, the study visit agenda provided a first week of visits to several reception systems in the area of Palermo. Among these we mention (Centro Astalli, Caritas San Carlo, Kindergarten Casa di Tutte le Genti, Urban Garden, SPRAR Casa Anch’io). After a first week mainly used to understand the receptions reality in Italy, the participants were involved in the writing of different project proposal, taking advantage of the European Union tenders currently available in the migration sector.

This process has increased their knowledge on EU programs and strengthened skills in writing and managing projects at international level. In conclusion, were laid the basis for the development of new initiatives, certifying the participants with the issuance of the “YouthPass”.

In an era in which intolerance and lack of active listening took the place of the acceptance of foreigners as a source of socio-cultural growth, the effort of Grapes of Wrath is prompt and suitable for the new emergencies that our generations are facing.

Among the Project Deliverables:
Non-formal learning module on the topic of migrants integration and inclusion;
Documentary film about African migrants’ journey & life in the EU;
Comparative analysis of migrants’ stories;
Report and policy recommendations.

In this case the feeling of being unable to cope with the migratory crisis is relieved by a concrete commitment to understanding the realities far from us, through international mobility and the achievement of development goals. In the coming months the final products of the project will be made public and information channels will be disseminated to take part in further initiatives.

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