PRISM at UNIPA – Introductory Seminar on European Project Management

PRISM at UNIPA – Introductory Seminar on European Project Management

Thursday, November 29, 2018, at the University of Palermo there was an introductory seminar on European Project Management “EPM” conducted by PRISM. Taking advantage of the support of the Professor Vincenzo Provenzano, coordinator of the course in Economic Development and International Cooperation and Migration (SECIM), a group of students was able to improve their knowledge in the field of EPM, knowing the most interesting opportunities currently available. The President of the Association Alessandro Melillo and the Project Manager Simone Indovina, were representing PRISM. Among the activities presented that require a prompt participation of university students, we indicate:

• Systems of involvement in international exchanges,
• Possibility of inclusion in curricular internships,
• Sharing of the non-formal educational system.

The meeting stimulated the students in sharing their social development project ideas, trying to channel them towards the current basic principles of EPM such as “Project Cycle Management” and presenting European programs in which to bring together these creative ideas.

To facilitate the understanding of the project activities carried out by PRISM and to specify the educational approach, several projects currently underway within the ERASMUS + program were presented, such as Wamdia, Urban Gardening, Grapes of Wrath and MedLit.

A further focus was made on the Interreg Med Program, through the presentation of the Tourismed project, a project aimed at testing and transferring a business model of fishing tourism in the coastal territories of Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, France and Spain as a way to promote a sustainable approach to tourism, while promoting the preservation of the marine ecosystem and the cultural traditions of fisheries in the MED region.

The students understood the relevance between the educational offer of their course of study and the skills required in the EPM, presenting during the final debate the intention to be involved in future project activities. Moreover, through the final evaluation forms, the students confirmed that they were aware of numerous European Programs, having thought of the EPM as a potential job opening.

PRISM in this way has intensified its relations with the University of Palermo, pursuing the main purpose of the association, that is to create opportunities for development of the territories in which it operates, with a view to promoting them internationally at economic cultural and social level.

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