Funding programme: Erasmus+ Program (KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth)

Start date: November 2018

End date: August 2018

The project:

YOUth COOPs is an Erasmus + KA2 project aiming at implemening innovative practices for the creation of a favorable environment for young people who wish to engage in local social cooperative enterprises, in order to bring young people closer to the world of cooperatives. YOUth COOPs wants to provide young people with the tools and skills to stimulate entrepreneurial initiative in the world of social cooperatives; the innovative approach and the simple tools that will be produced, will make the project unique and replicable in every part of Europe.

The first target group is made of Youth Workers (18-35 years old) in youth organization interested in social entrepreneurship and local community development, providing services an opportunities to support young people in developing competences.

The second target group is made of Aspiring Young Social Entrepreneurs (18-30 years old) that have a small business idea or have started a small social entrepreneur venture/community development project. Unemployed are strongly encouraged to apply. 


Tribeka Traingin Lab (Spain)


PRISM (Italy)

Magenta Consultoria Projects (Spain)

European Centre for Quality (Bulgaria)

ICEP (Slovakia).


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