Venue: Palermo, Italy

Dates: 14 –18 April 2014

The project “Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners” is a 5 days training course involving N. 10 educators from Slovenia, Poland, UK, Finland, Latvia, Republic of Macedonia, Germany.

The training is intended to provide a basic introduction to the Enneagram personality framework for those interested in utilizing the material to further self-development, awareness and growth. The training provides an opportunity for participants to explore their own Ennea-style, and the implications that has for their own lives and relationships in their educational contexts. The training atmosphere is relaxed and informal and participants are encouraged to exchange their experiences in the field of adult learning in the broadest sense – formal, non-formal or informal.


– To introduce Enneagram and enable the participants to apply the model in educational setting.

– Enable participants to raise self-awareness and understand their own strengths and challenges better.

– Enhance the ability to communicate effectively with different types of learners.

– Enhance understanding of three different intelligences – instinct, emotions and thinking.

– Provide tools for communication and motivating people of different personality types.

– Enhance understanding of group dynamics and ability to be an effective team leader.

Workshop organizers

  • PRISM-Promozione Interanzionale Sicilia-Mondo, Italy