Start Date: 1 Oct 2018
End Date: 30 Sep 2020

The project intends to transfer the competencies about the creation and the running of a company to target groups involved, in the first phase to trainers and in the following phase to adults, through the creation of 4 intellectual outputs implemented on the basis of a non-formal approach based on the idea that music (in particular the history of Rock music in the present pilot project) can be used as a cue to train adults about management, business and entrepreneurship.
Project Cycle Management approach, that will be used beside the non-formal approach based on music, will help participants in focusing on real needs, and in providing potential solutions to these needs through their business ideas.

General objective:

  • To provide trainers with practical tools leading to an innovate method of training related to basic and transversal skills, innovative managerial competencies and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • To use and promote a non-formal approach based on art and music;
  • To stimulate self-employment initiatives among adults, according to identified unemployed people’s needs and backgrounds;
  • To promote/renovate managerial skills of the adults and foster the awareness of the importance of innovation and life-long learning;
  • To recognize and validate non-formal learning at European level.

Specific objective:

  • To promote entrepreneurship education among adults through an innovative training approach and to validate the transferred competencies.

Expected results:

The project’s expected, in line with the project’s objectives, are:
1. raising awareness of the importance of basic and transversal skills, innovative managerial competencies and entrepreneurial spirit, as a way to improve the performances at work and in everyday life.
2. building the ability of target groups by giving them a innovative set of training tools/competencies linked to entrepreneurship and business innovation. It is expected to transfer to 24 trainers, the competencies provided by the use of the new training tools based on the history of Rock Music. Considering a so called “cascade model” effect, these trainers for adults will transfer to other colleagues these competencies (at the end of the project, the trainers for adults trained will be 48) and to 90 adults people involved in the National training courses.
3. providing training tools and approaches to ensure optimal learning impact to adult people;
4. creating of an easily transferable training methodology, in addition to easily replicability due to the chosen music genre.
In this way the training facilitates the target group to improve their performances, under the different points of view, in entrepreneurship and innovation of business competences.
5. 5 self-employment initiatives among adult people, through the support of the partner staff involved in the project (by 2 years after the end of the project).
6. creating a Protocol, containing a scheme for the validation of competencies (according to European Qualification Framework – EQF) in the framework of innovative methodologies for stimulating basic and transversal skills, entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Outputs (and Activities):

  • Development of The Sound of Business Training tools;
  • Development of the Sound of Business Learning platform
  • The Sound of Business Learning Documentary
  • Protocol for certification of competencies

A Training Course (Short-term joint staff training events), addressed to trainers, will be implemented and used as test for the refinement of the outputs.
Multiplier events for the promotion of the outputs will be organised in every partner country, by involving also local bands.

Target groups

Trainers for adults;
Adult learners (age 25- 60): Unemployed or employed with the need of a requalification of competencies (mainly basic/transversal skills and entrepreneurship), entrepreneurs (and potential entrepreneurs) looking for innovative management skills and a creative approach to improve their performances.

The Partnership:

  • ICEP Institute of European Certification of Personnel s.r.o. – Slovakia