Funding programme: Erasmus+ Program (KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth

Start Date: 01-01-2019
End Date: 31-12-2020

In a world of diversity where often values clash, music leaps across language barriers and unites people of quite different cultural backgrounds. The POMELO project intends to improve the effective integration practices between migrant and local youths in the EU community using music to foster a multicultural enhancement path. POMELO is an answer to the need for effective integration practices for migrant youth.
Through these practices, they and other local youth are afforded equal voice and the opportunity to grow together through reciprocal multicultural enhancement. Is foreseen a Seminar for instructors, volunteers, youth workers, youth organizations staff and social workers dealing with local and migrant young people. The seminar (Short-term joint staff training events) will be focused on testing the training materials and non-formal methodologies developed under the IO1, IO2 and IO3.
Roundtables will be an opportunity to present and discuss Intellectual Outputs and share them with participants. Important aspect of roundtable will be to discuss development of O2 in order to meet real needs of the Youth and Social Workers, youth organizations, Instructors and Volunteers.

General objective
To improve the effective integration practices for migrant youth and between migrant and local youths in the EU community in order to foster a multicultural enhancement path through the implementation of innovative educational methodology, tools and practices able to afford equal voice and the opportunity to grow to the migrant and local youth.

Specific objective
– To improve the educational methodology and tools for the target groups (youth and social workers/youth organizations/volunteers/instructors working with local and migrant young people), through the creation and implementation of: 4 well composite outputs; specific and detailed materials able to explore the effects of music on social cohesion and language learning, especially through creating lyrics and singing;

– To enhance and to spread knowledge on the project core subject of the youth organizations and of theirs staff working with migrant and local youth and dealing with migrant integration, involved in the project at global level;

– To develop a process of experience exchange and collaborative learning process through the “Multimedia Replicability Guide” a virtual space created for target groups in order to take advantages of their “productions”.

Expected results
– Improved expertise in social inclusion, with the perspective gained through a European

Improved Cross-sectorial and transnational transfer of knowledge and expertise relating to teaching,
to multicultural knowledge, learner engagement and inclusiveness management with basic and transversal skills development.
– Acquired Experience of European dimension especially for those youth and social workers,
volunteers, instructors, youth organizations staff involved in piloting and in the exchange of feedback in person and via ICT.

Easing tensions. Sense of well-being arising within a collaborative and open learning environment


O1: Info-game and Competence Map on Foreign Language Learning through Singing and on Music as Social Inclusion Enhancer;
O2: POMELO Training Pack for Social and Youth Workers, Youth Organizations, Instructors and Volunteers;
O3: POMELO Training Kit for local and migrant young people;
O6: Multimedia Replicability guide.

Target groups

First target group: Volunteers and instructors working with migrants and migrant youth; community social workers; youth organizations (the staff) working with migrant youth and dealing with migrant integration; youth organizations (the staff) working with local youth.

Second target group: Migrant and local young people.

The Partnership

MUS-E Cyprus Ltd; Cyprus
SPOLEK PELICAN, z.s.; Czech Republic
PMF SRL; Italy
EASTERN MACEDONIA- Thrace Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education “RDE-EMTh”; Greece

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