Start Date: 1 October 2019
End Date: 31 March 2022

It is unequivocal, we are living in turbulent times. Poverty, inequality, social-political conflicts and climate change are among the most important challenges that we are facing nowadays as members of the European society and as global citizens. In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 17 SDGs and 169 targets have been identified to be reached by the end of 2030, and it calls for all public, for-profit and non-profit, private and civil organisations to unite and contribute with its resources for the successful management of these global challenges.
In the process of looking for solutions for the challenges identified as SDGs, the HI-GLOBE partnership found that there is a huge potential in language learning to support the education for sustainable development.
Global education (GE) has been defined as an approach that enables people to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed for securing a just, sustainable world in which everyone has the right to fulfil his/her potential. GE encompasses Development Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainability, Education for Peace and Conflict Prevention, Intercultural Education, being the global dimension for Education for Citizenship (Global Education Guidelines, 2008).

Specific objective:
To enhance the potential of English-language learning for Global Educational purposes.

Expected results:
– Increased awareness on the approach and methodologies of Global Education in partner countries
– Increased competences of English teachers in the adult education field how to use English teaching
for Global Educational purposes
– Increased competences of adult learners as global citizens
– Increased English-speaking skills of adult learners in a real intercultural context
– Increased intercultural competences of participants of the joint staff training
– Increased awareness of wide range of stakeholders on Sustainable Development Goals

– 1 Analysis on the approach of English teachers in the adult sector on Global Educational methodologies in language teaching
– A 5-day joint staff training course developing the HI-GLOBE-modules, with 18 participants
– HI-GLOBE modules developed on 2 level (A1-2 and B1-2), each one including a 40-hour blended
learning course serving Global Educational purposes and based on CLIL, TBL and interactive digital
– 3 pilot HI-GLOBE course realized on A1-A2 level and 3 on B1-B2 level in the partners’ countries with the total of 60 adult learners of English language
– 1 HI-GLOBE learning platform (OER) developed and functioning containing the 2 learning modules
and a Guide for educators

Target groups:
– Adult English-language learners
– English language teachers, instructors, educators and tutors

The partnership:
Bahcesehir University Foundation (Turkey)
Pelican Language School (Czech Republic)
Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo (Italy)
FRAME (Poland)
European Center for Quality (Bulgaria)
Promimpresa (Italy)

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