Start Date: 1.11.2015

End Date: 1.11.2016

The project aims at creating a series of useful tools, addressed to NEET (NEET is understood as: young unemployed people, the youth outsider the educational system, the youth coming from underprivileged families or areas, those being unemployed due to some negative Job seeking experience), with the purpose of providing them a series of competencies that can enable these groups to overcome the obstacles that bind them to a condition of inactivity.

The main product of this project is a Training programme for NEET, developed in cooperation with all the project partners, and tested on a group of NEETs coming from all the partner countries. The programme is based on 4 modules: Mobililty and openess to the change, Intecultural communications skills, Goal setting,IT skills.Once tested in a transational workshop, this programme will be developed also at national level, in all partner countries.

Specific objectives:

1. Creating the programme to build entrepreneurial skills among the youth.

2. To build international cooperation

3. Preparing the tools related to the programme (surveys, workshop syllabus, handouts)

4. To promote youth mobility.

5. To exchange good practices

6. To exchange experience, information and evaluate the products created via the online platform.

Main results:

– 30 young people aged 16-30 (coming from the partner countries) , in particular NEET representatives or those in danger of entering NEET group, trained during the Workshop.

– 30 young people trained during the national Training Courses

– 6 youth representatives empowered as youth leaders

– 30 Youth organizations and youth workers involved during the dissemination activities

Main outputs:

– Training programme, addressed to NEETs. The program is based on 4 modules, in particular:

A) Mobililty and openess to the change – to strengthen the youth flexibility, open-mindedness, strategies to cope with stress and being out of the comfort zone, to build networking skills.

B) Intecultural communications skills –the ability to work in multinational teams.

C) Goal setting – short and long term planning, building and maintaining internal motivation, risk taking skills, taking advantage of opportunities.

D) IT skills – Using technology to build valuable network, Exchange information related to career development and employment possibilities.

– E-Book

– Moodle platform for sharing knowledge and experiences

Target groups:

– Young people aged 16-30, in particular NEET representatives or those in danger of entering NEET group.

– local community representatives.

– organisations to which the products produced will be disseminated.

The Partnership:

– Euro-Forum, Poland

– Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg gGmbH, Germany

– PRISM, Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo, Italy

Project Website: