Dates: 01/03/2013–31/01/2014

Venue: Limassol (Cyprus), Thessaloniki (Greece), Caltanissetta (Italy)

Programme Youth in Action – Action 1.3 – Youth Democracy Projects

Youth Democracy Projects promote the active participation of young people to the life of their local, regional, national and international communities and the support to their participation to representative democracy mechanisms. They are aimed at young people between 13 and 30 years of age.

“Empowering Youth Participation in EU” is a project funded in the framework of the programme Youth in Action – Action 1.3 – Youth Democracy Projects, involving young people between 15 and 30 years of age from 5 European Countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania) and from 10 different organisations. The project aims at encouraging active participation of young people in the representative democracy model of the EU.

In the initial phase of the project, different focus groups will be organised by each local organisation, to encourage the reflection on the meaning of active european citizenship. How do young people perceive their European citizenship? What is their role in building the future of the EU? How can Europe take into account young people’s ideas and voice?

Afterwards, three international meetings will be held in Limassol (Cyprus), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Caltanissetta (Italy), involving youth from partner countries with the aim of encouraging an intercultural dialogue about active participation into the democratic process in the EU (voting, referendum, elections, petitions, etc.).

The findings will be collected in a “European Guide to Youth Participation”, that will be available online for download in English, Greek, Lithuanian, Romanian and Italian. The creation of a specific interactive forum, will offer a further chance of debate and dialogue for a wider community at European level.

If you are interested in participating, send a CV to the all’e-mail address

The Partnership:

  • DOREA Educational Institute WTF (Cyprus) – Project Coordinator
  • Teach and Love It (Cyprus)
  • “We Go Project” (Lithuania)
  • KaunotechnologijosuniversitetoStudentuatstovybe (Lithuania)
  • Colegiultehnic “Ioan C. Stefanescu” (Romania)
  • LiceulTehnologic Nr. 1 – GrupŞcolarTehnic (Romania)
  • Promozione Interanazionale Sicilia-Mondo (Italy)
  • Associazione Moltivolti Capovolti (Italy)
  • United Societies of Balkans (Greece)

European Youth Participation Guide_IT

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