Start Date: 01/03/2015

End Date: 31/10/2016

The AGRO project is aiming to promote the cooperation between Europe and Africa in the field of youth and explore the potential of youth work in order to increase the employability of the young people in the field of agriculture which represents a great potential for the economies of the Partner Countries. In order to promote this objective, AGRO is going to organise 1 transnational seminar (Modica – IT), 2 capacity building training courses (Cameroon and Ghana) and 1 e-learning course in order to train the youth workers from the Partner Countries in the organisation of non- formal and informal learning activities for the development of the skills of young people related to the exploitation of the community assets and the development of agricultural enterprises.

50 youth workers are going to participate from each of the Partner Countries (30 youth workers through the participation in the transnational training events and 20 youth workers through the participation in the e-learning course). These youth workers are then going to implement practically the knowledge obtained through their participation in the training events with their activities with the young people. It is expected that at least 300 young people are going to benefit indirectly from the activities of the project through their youth workers. The project, in order to achieve its objectives, is going to involve also significant multipliers and stakeholders from the sector of agriculture.

The organisation of an e-learning course will increase significantly both the time that a youth worker could dedicate in the training course and the number of people that will be able to attend the course.

Specific objectives:

– To improve the quality of youth work and non-formal learning in Partner Countries from Africa and foster the cooperation between European countries and African countries in the field of youth.

– To improve the capacity of the youth organisations and youth workers to develop cooperation in an international level and also to improve the social inclusion of the young people that they are working with.

– To introduce ICT based learning and e-learning in the field of youth work and in the cooperation between African and European countries in the field of youth.

– To foster and promote the cooperation between the African and the European countries in the field of youth and agricultural enterprises.

Target groups:

– Youth workers who have an interest in rural entrepreneurship.

Final beneficiaries:

– A wider audience of new young entrepreneurs reached through the dissemination and exploitation of the project results and outcomes.

Main results:

– Development, testing, and development of a capacity building programme on agriculture and rural entrepreneurship addressed to young people.

– Open learning portal on agriculture and rural entrepreneurship, including the learning modules developed and tested during the project.

– Youth workers from different local communities in Europe and Africa, equipped with knowledge, tools and key competences related to on agriculture and rural entrepreneurship

– Increased cooperation, networking and professional exchange in the field of youth and social entrepreneurship between not-for profit organizations in EU and Africa.

The Partnership:

– SVIMED onlus – Centro Euromediterraneo per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, Italy

– PRISM – Associazione di Promozione Internazionale Sicilia Mondo, Italy

– Action Synergy S.A, Greece

– CCREAD – Centre for Community Regeneration and Development, Cameroon


Link the project website: