Newsletter No. 4 – Child Protection and Development Youth Work Experiences across the World

The project “Child Protection and Development: Youth Work Experiences across the World” supports capacity building of youth workers and young leaders working for and with vulnerable children in Italy, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Kenya, India, Peru.

It proposes an integrated approach to launch, test and develop an international capacity building program that seeks to expose target groups to various aspects of youth work and community approaches related to “Child protection and Development”. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 Capacity building in the field of youth.

The newsletter includes the presentation of the learning platform “Child Protection and Development”, including an e-learning course and a learning booklet covering a range of non-formal learning modules related to child protection and development.

The e-learning platform is intended as an open learning resource for youth workers, educators, trainers, facilitators, young leaders, social workers, intercultural mediators, project managers and experts to be put into practice in their daily work with and for children.

Link of the learning platform “Child Protection and Development”

Download the Newsletter No. 2 to keep updated about the project and the upcoming activities: Download pdf 

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