MIVA Info-day: “Community ties and integration: the experiences of the MIVA project”

The info-day “Community ties and integration: the experience of the MIVA project” coordinated by the association “PRISM – International Promotion Sicily World” and the “Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani” was held at the “Ginger – People & Food” restaurant on February 20. The meeting offered a space to share lessons learned and updates on the activities of the project “MIVA: Migrants’ Integration through Volunteering Activities” funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. In conclusion, an intercultural aperitif was offered on some of the recipes tested during the cooking course coordinated by the chef Marema Cisse.

The project MIVA aims to enhance the integration of Third Country Nationals’, foster intercultural interaction and active participation in the following local activities: Athens (Greece), Nicosia (Cyprus), Warsaw (Poland), Helsinki (Finland), Agrigento, Trapani & Palermo (Italy), Paris (France).

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