Nepal, Kathmandu

20th February – 15th March 2017

The study visit was organized in the frame of the project “Mission Responsible” a 24 months (Mar 2016 – Feb 2018) capacity building project aiming at the establishment of quality standards for youth work through the exchange of community experiences between 7 youth organizations from Greece, Italy, Senegal, Togo, India, Nepal and Vietnam.

Locally, the study visit was coordinated by Mr Yagya Aryal (CCN President, Nepal) and Mr Prakash Bhattrai (CCN, Nepal). The team consisted of Nikos Pasamitros (Inter Alia, Greece), Fausto Amico (PRISM, Italy) and Jean Marie Abdoulaye Diouf (Dimbaya, Senegal).

For the purposes of the study visit, the team visited the cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwol and Lumbini and the villages of Waling and Hungi. Activities included job shadowing and field trips to CCN community projects in the field of youth, exchange, field research and interviews with youth workers, young entrepreneurs and policy makers, including interviews with Mrs Kalyane Shah (President of SEWA NEPAL and Vice-president of Women’s Security Pressure Group in the Government of Nepal) and Mr Ganesh Shah (former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology in the Government of Nepal).

For more information about the project and upcoming activities, visit the Mission Responsible website: http://missionresponsible.eu/

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