“MedLit#45+” Partnerhip Meeting in Portugal

The MedLit#45+ partners has been hosted in Espinho, Portugal, participating in the second transnational meeting (25-26 October, 2018).

The host of the event was “Sociedade Promotora de Estabelecimentos de Ensino” and the partners has been involved in the evaluation of the work done up until now. All partners discussed the importance of the use of social media in their countries in general but also by the HR professionals/employers, reaching the conclusion that, for hiring purposes, social media are not very popular.

One of the conclusions was that the HR professionals and the employers interviewed by the partners for IO1 were interested in the project but, above all, in its practical outcomes: the Platform that is being created and the training modules developed in IO2.

The project “MedLit#45+” intends to develop media literacy competences and digital skills of low-skilled adults. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of adult education, and include partner organizations from Romania, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal.

The MedLit partnership is collecting interesting data from the results of the E-learning platform available on the project website …..


…..try to use it and help us in increasing the knowledge needed to make people over 45 able to build a robust online professional identity to strengthen their access to employment, leading to social & economic inclusion.

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