Grapes of Wrath – Study visit in Senegal

Grapes of Wrath – Study visit in Senegal

Ziguinchor, 8-30 July 2018

Hosting organization: Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen
Sending organizations: Prism – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia Mondo, Inter Alia

The GRAPES of WRATH (GoW) project aims at enabling contact between migrants and hosting communities within the EU and to foster informed decisions of potential migrants in African countries regarding the trip and life in Europe. The project foresees 7 mobility activities (2 training courses and 5 study visits including field research) involving 72 youth workers from Greece, Italy, Ghana, Senegal and Kenya, the production of a documentary film, 15 local events and one final international event. During the study visit in Senegal (Ziguinchor) youth workers from Prism (Italy) and Inter Alia (Greece) were hosted by the local organization Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen and involved in community activities and exchanges.

GoW is funded with support of the Erasmus+ programme, Key action 2 Capacity building in the field of youth.

Link: Study visit in Senegal

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