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“ALO!” is a civic project aiming at utilizing small community structure and dynamics for enhancing accessibility and effectiveness of allocation of EU resources. It will be conducted in a period of 18 months starting from August 2015 by 6 civil society organizations, involving 600 participants and volunteers from 4 EU member states & 2 EU candidate states with severe problems with corruption and equal transparency scores: Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, F.Y.Ro.Macedonia (Transparency International, 2014).

“ALO!” maintains that promoting civic engagement and empowerment locally has important conceptual and methodological advantages in the process of EU integration as it fosters immediateness and easier mobilization and contributes to building a culture of participation at other levels. At the same time, it involves citizens and stakeholders who rarely have a chance to contribute in the process of building a European narrative.

In More Detail, the project aims to:

  • Engage and empower the losing side of corruption.
  • Inform about & actively promote fair access to resources as a way out of crisis.
  • Promote social participation & initiative as an antidote to corruption.
  • Correct misperceptions about peoples and their involvement in corrupt practices.

The plan foresees a Capacity Building Activity(CBA), field research, an awareness campaign and a final event.

ALO! will utilize these insights for enabling communities’ self-help through an awareness campaign in partner countries while project findings and deliverables will be presented during a final event.


  • Greece, Inter Alia
  • Bulgaria, Center For The Study Of Democracy
  • Fyr Macedonia, Youth Alliance Krusevo
  • Italy, PRISM-Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo
  • Romania, Romanian Youth Movement For Democracy
  • Serbia, Civic Initiative

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