COODING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, Kick-off meeting, Bruxelles, 3 July 2015

The CYP kick-off meeting has been held on 3 July 2015 in Bruxelles, benchmarking the launch of the project and providing grounds for constructive discussions .

“CYP – Coding for Young People” is an Erasmus+ project funded under Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the Youth field. The project is aimed at transferring and implementing innovative practices in the field of programming in non-formal education system at the European level. The project will contribute to the increase of digital competences among youth and support the formal education system in implementing innovative STEM curricula.

The partnership involves Consulta Europa Projects and Innovation (Spain), Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (Spain), Digital Leadership Institute (Belgium) and PRISM-Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo (Italy).

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