Coding for Young People is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic partnership in the field of youth. The project is aimed at transferring and implementing innovative practices in the field of PROGRAMMING in NON-FORMAL EDUCATION at European level.

Project activities will promote the use of ICT among youth and train youth workers in becoming familiar with programming.

European organizations involved are Consulta Europa and Asociation de Tecnicos de Informatica from SPAIN, Digital Leadership Insitute from BELGIUM and PRISM from ITALY. The partnership put together technical organizations and organizations involved in youth work. The purpose is to work balancing technical competencies in ICT and knowledge of non-formal education and contexts.

The first step of the project was analytical, all counties developed a research on nowadays opportunities to acquire digital competences through non-formal education. In Italy this research underlines the lack of initiatives in this direction and reinforced the information on the lack of ICT competencies among youth workers. The Italian framework cannot be considered forefront, even if it is worth to underline how the north part of Italy is developing faster and to present one of the most famous initiatives, widespread EU and all through Italy, “Coderdojo”, a free initiative run by volunteers active to teach CODING language to children and young people.

After this phase of research, the Project staff has been involved in a multiplier event held in occasion of the Digital Festival (Brussels 21st of June 2016). During the event, project foundings were presented to a large audience of technicians and curios people taking part into the Festival, a guided session to teach coding was run by Digital Leadership Insitute.

The second step of the project will be a “Training for trainers”, that will be run online right in these last days of July. The aim of this first online training is to equip Coding for Young People staff with the basic competencies necessary to spread the coding language among youth workers.

A further multiplier event will take place, this time it will be in Sicily, end of September, that will be the occasion to get to know more about the project and above all about Coding.

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