Call for Participants for a Capacity Building Training Course in Romania

Project’s title: “Through the Lens of the Other”

Funding programme and action: European Youth Together – KA3

Number of participants: 2

Venue: Busteni, Romania

Arrival day: 16th April, 2019

Departure day: 25th April, 2019

The project:
“Through the Lens of the Other” aims to introduce and explore new ways of understanding and addressing discrimination in Europe. Critical theories in social sciences explain, through the concept of intersectionality, how oppressive social beliefs and structures (xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, ableism etc.) are interconnected; systematic oppression cannot be understood or addressed with single-issue approaches as they tend to accentuate a specific part of the target groups’ identity and, thus, perpetuate otherness. Co-existing multiple identities demand an approach to integration that is holistic and sensitive to different experiences. TLO aims to contribute to the formation of a European society tolerant towards vulnerable, marginalized and oppressed groups through a holistic approach to discriminatory behavior.

In specific, the project will:
– Empower individuals and reinforce the agency of marginalized groups thus enhancing their representation;
– Raise awareness on the victimization of vulnerable groups thus fostering empathy;
– Promote positive attitudes towards discriminated groups thus embracing diversity as an asset in a society;
– Reduce prejudice and promote social integration thus fostering inclusion of marginalized people;
– Promote integration and cohesion among EU member states regarding rights and freedoms.

These objectives will be achieved by:
– Developing diverse skills and competences of the youngsters, youth workers and youth organizations;
– Offering open access educational material on the use of intersectionality for fighting discrimination;
– Utilizing original media creations in an awareness campaign against discrimination;
– Involving marginalized groups in civic action and a participatory process of co-creation;
– Introducing a shared analytical framework on the processes of othering.

The capacity building activity in Romania:
The first activity of this project is a capacity building activity for youth workers on the topic of intersectionality and video making, that will take place in Busteni, Romania, from 16th to 25th April. Participating countries are: Greece, Malta, Italy, UK, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Spain and Germany.

Board and lodging are 100% covered, while travel costs will be covered 80%, and the rest 20% have to be co-financed by the selected participants

Further mobility activities in Malta, Greece, Hungary:
Selected youth workers could be involved in further learning activities abroad:
– Youth exchange in La Valletta, Malta, 9 – 18 September 2019; topic intersectionality.
– Inclusion festival in Athens, Greece, 13 – 17 February 2020; topic: inclusion film videos.
– Youth exchange in Pecs, Hungary, 21 – 30 April 2020; topic: advocacy and how marginalized groups to advocate for themselves.

To apply:
Interested youth workers shall send their CV to:
Marija Belovinova,
By: 28/02/2019
Please specify in the object: youth worker_capacity building activity in Romania.

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