BOCOTO-Study visit in Spain

After several Study Visits that the partnership has done in the Asian and the African continent in the previous months, the project Boosting Community-based Tourism and Youth Work for Global Sustainable Development, has arrived to Spain between 10-20 February 2020. Participants were present from PRISM (Italy), Association for Community Development and Solidarity (India) and Campaign for Change Nepal, and hosted by the local organisation, ACD la Hoya.

The Study visit has been taking place mainly in the region of Valencia, and the team were based in Elche, where ACD la Hoya is operating. In order to provide the participants a comprehensive and enriching experience and opportunities study the local possibilities in community-based tourism, the program of the team was including:

• Visit of Elche, its UNESCO heritages and important touristic spots
• Visit of the Natural Reserve La Marina
• Meeting with the Councillor of Tourism at the Municipality of Elche
• Visiting Molinicos, its municipality and touristic sites
• Meeting with the association ‘Resilience’ promoting rural development in the community of Molinicos
• Visit in Alicante and its most interesting cultural, social and touristic spots
• Visiting Santa Pola and the Natural Reserve ‘Tabarca Island’ and El ‘Hondo’
• Visiting local production sites, shoe factory and winery

Based on the feedback and discussion among the team, the host organisation was supported to evaluate its plans for the future how to support the development of community-based tourism and youth work in the area.

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