ASK THE LOCALS – The Poor Cousin

What is it about?

Ask the LOcals! (ALO!) is an 18-month project aiming to strengthen citizenship awareness in countries which are considered prone to corruption. Focusing on stories of EU fund abuse in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia (F.Y.R.) and Serbia and using informal social networks in selected communities, the project aspires to empower the losing side of corruption and enhance the sense of ownership of local populations over European Community resources.

Latest Activities

Field Research – February & March 2016

Project partners conducted 50 interviews in each community on local population’s experience, perception and future prospects with regards to EU funds. Using qualitative data (open and close ended questions), partners identified interviewees for the documentary film and reached preliminary conclusions about the needs of participating communities.

Mid-term Meeting – April 21 & 22, 2016

Ahead of the busy schedule of ALO! in the upcoming months, project managers and representatives of partner organizations met to evaluate previous phases, handle logistics and practicalities, organize next activities and brainstorm on ways to optimally utilize project results.


Documentary Production – April & May 2016

Project partners and the Inter Alia team, along with noted cinematographers Thanasis Papakostas and Ilias Adamis, filmed interviews and tried to capture the realities of the locals in involved communities – Georgios Karaiskakis (GR), Chavdar and Pirdop (BG), Bujanovac and Presevo (RS), Krusevo (MK), Bacau (RO), Caltanissetta (IT).



Awareness campaign  August – October 2016

Two awareness events will be organized in each country in cooperation with local stakeholders. During the events, “The Poor Cousin” will be screened and project partners will discuss with local population about the meaning of the movie and its relevance for their communities.

Official movie premier – November, 2016

The Poor Cousin” will be screened in a theater hall in Athens and a party with contributors and friends will follow. Stay tuned for more…





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